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2009 Lighting for Tomorrow Fluorescent Dimming Competition
Winning Fixtures

Energy Saver Twister 20W Dimmable

Phillips Lighting
Somerset, New Jersey

Philips Energy Saver dimmable compact fluorescents deliver reduced operating costs compared to incandescent equivalents. They feature soft white light with excellent dimming performance when used with many standard household dimmers. They also dim to 10% of full light levels and are RoHS compliant. The electronics and tube design optimize life and dimming performance, while the low end dimming limit prevents flickering with many standard household dimmers. The glass coating process enables excellent lumen maintenance and the circuit is designed with end of life protection.


Available through Professional Distributors.

Model Number / Dimensions

40583-7, EL/mdT DIM 20W
W: 2.5" / D: 2.5" / H: 5.0"

Dimmer Type

Can be used with standard incandescent dimmers.

Energy Saver Twister Fixture Gallery

Standard CFL


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