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2004 Lighting for Tomorrow Yearbook Competition – Second Place Winner

Leif Hygild & Søren Momsen
UNIC Light

BetweeN2ShapeS is a porcelain fixture with glass lens and metal fittings. The fixture's shape is timeless and appeals to a wide range of people and age groups that easily relate to the fixture. The fixture can provide down light, up light and wall washing. It can rotate 360 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical planes; therefore it is both intuitive and playful. Another important feature is changeability: when the fixture is turned OFF, it floats silently in mid air. When turned ON, it becomes very present, changes its appearance and becomes almost a little dangerous, showing its internal structure, the frame, and the "membrane" that is stretched over the "ribcage."

The CFL can be dimmed either by touching the fixture at the midpoint or via DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) bus controlling systems. The BetweeN2ShapeS pendant uses a CFL of 24- to 42-watts with a dimming electronic ballast.

Second Place Winner - BetweeN2ShapeS

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