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2004 Lighting for Tomorrow Yearbook Competition – Grand Prize Winner

Stephen Blackman
Director of Design and Product Development
American Fluorescent Corporation
Illinois, USA


The Salem six-light wax candle chandelier is intended to provide warm, rich illumination to a residential kitchen, hallway, or dining area. The fixture was designed to attract the consumer to the ambiance of candle fixtures and the warm traditional image that they provide. The use of actual candles is one of the key elements that provide this "golden" glow and the authentic look and feel of a candle fixture.

The touch of an actual wax candle is the "wow" factor that customers have indicated makes the fixture exciting and interesting. The energy-efficient lamp inside is a perfect complement to the fixture since it will not melt the candle as incandescent lamps would. The fixture was designed to attract consumers by interesting them in the design first, without having to overcome their potential aversion to fluorescent lighting in the home. The Salem fixture uses six 13-watt quad tube CFLs and electronic ballasts.

Grand Prize Winner - Salem

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