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2014 Lighting for Tomorrow Competition

Since 2002 the annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition has encouraged manufacturers to develop well designed, energy efficient lighting products. By recognizing the best decorative energy efficient lighting fixtures in the market, Lighting for Tomorrow has steadily increased the availability of ENERGY STAR® residential lighting fixtures.

The competition has led the market as the demand for energy efficiency has increased. For the first three years, fluorescent lighting was the primary technology to deliver energy savings and Lighting for Tomorrow challenged traditional fixture manufacturers to incorporate fluorescent light sources within decorative fixtures.

In 2006, the competition opened to solid state lighting (SSL) fixtures for the first time. Eligible applications included light emitting diode (LED) recessed downlights, kitchen undercabinet lighting, desk and task lighting, and outdoor lighting. The SSL competition quickly expanded to include a broad range of fixture applications as well as new categories of lighting products. By 2010, an LED replacement lamp category was offered, in 2012 fixture retrofit kits became eligible, and last year, organic LED (OLED) luminaires were eligible to enter.

As the market evolved and the number of decorative fluorescent fixtures significantly increased, Lighting for Tomorrow looked to tackle other barriers that slow the adoption and use of energy efficient lighting. In 2008, Lighting for Tomorrow saw an opportunity to address the lack of quality dimming associated with fluorescent lighting and required that all chandelier entries be dimmable. A full fledged dimming competition ensued in 2009.

The concept of greater amenity in highly functional features of energy efficiency lighting took off. In 2010, the competition transformed to focus on lighting control products that were compatible with both fluorescent and LED technology—a trend that has continued for the past three years.

Competition Details

The Lighting for Tomorrow competition was launched at the International Lighting Market in Dallas on January 15. The 2014 competition seeks lighting control devices, solid state lighting (SSL) fixtures, replacement lamps, and retrofit kits. This year there is a particular interest in securing high lumen LED lamps, LED lamps under $10, LED fixtures under $50, high efficacy LED products, high CRI LED products, OLED fixtures, and senior friendly lighting products.

More details on the competition history, timeline, eligible products, and entry process can be found on the Entrant Guide page.


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